If cough disturbs

If cough disturbs Without such cough of allocation would turn into the mucous raid interfering pass of air, and would serve as the favorable environment for reproduction of bacteria.

Considering all these factors, start treatment of such defender of a thorax with special discretion.

If cough disturbs the child, try to take the following measures.

Try, that allocation remained liquid.

That to the child it was easier this slime, try to apply means which we recommended in the section Razzhizheniye of vydeleniye, page Clap the child on a back.

The socalled chest physiotherapy, i.

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And it is not casual. From

And it is not casual. From Often teenagers are inclined to substitute one circle of problems for another.

And it is not casual.

From parents, as a rule, children hear that sex it is bad, it something dirty, main to study.

To blame parents for it too especially it is not necessary they managed such inheritance from their parents.

Burdened by double standards, teenagers start out sexual life, filling cones and gaining negative experience it is good still if he does not lead to sad consequences.

Though as a whole adults welcome aspiration of teenagers to independence, as a rule, the sexual relations it does not concern.

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Stephen has new skills, and we study

Stephen has new skills, and we study In communication with such children the principle of mutual influence is especially brightly shown.

Stephen has new skills, and we study together with it.

It awakes in us all best.

Here most the general provisions connected with this quite frequent congenital pathology.

Frequency of this disease The Down syndrome called by name of doctors of Langdon Dauna, for the first time described such children in , reveal at every th newborn.

Danger of a disease increases with age mothers among mothers till years child on newborns, till years on till years on till years on till years on till years on These figures can frighten, but everything depends on how them to present.

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To take a broth

To take a broth The received weight to pour in in a boiling broth, all the time stirring slowly, before formation of small flakes.

To take a broth on weak fire some minutes while it does not become again transparent.

Eggs pieces, a broth ml.

BROTH WITH HOUSE NOODLES For noodles to prepare dough from the sifted flour, cold water and crude eg it is very thin it to unroll, cut long strips, to pour a flour, to combine one on another and small to chop, then to dry on a board.

In a boiling meat broth to put house noodles and to boil minutes, to salt.

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Reliability He allows to answer a question, who at mother in a tummy the boy or the girl.

Reliability of received results is very high %.

Research of a floor on medical indications can be carried out since th week of pregnancy.

If the undesirable floor came to light, according to medical indications and desire of spouses it is possible to interrupt pregnancy, thus having prevented the birth of the sick child.

Fortunately, the diseases connected with a floor, meet extremely seldom.

Using cell phoneWhether the cell phone is harmless to health of the pregnant woman Future mother should know that communication by the cell phone is not so harmless for a long time for it.

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