And nevertheless

And nevertheless In a condition of children suffering from being cut teeth, as a rule, there is no deterioration.

And nevertheless all parents need to remember if you doubt, surely address to the doctor.

When to start to brush teeth to the child Today recommend to start to clean gums to remove a raid, by means of a gauze at once as there is the first tooth, so, between the th and th months.

There are some tactical receptions for toothbrushing at the kid.

It is interesting.

Let's to the child consider your toothbrush and show that with it do, intentionally emphasizing The same as mother and the father Approximately in a year present to the kid his first toothbrush and try, that training gave it pleasure and reminded game If he falls in love with toothbrushing imitation, then to you it will be simpler to teach than it to be engaged in seriously this important issue.


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