Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cook

Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cookIn 'N diet.

! white crackers, soups on not the stron fatfree broth in them it is possible to add the boiled wiped meat, quenelles with addition of mucous broths of semolina and rice grain, steam or boiled dishes from meat and fish a quenelle, a cutlet, a souffle enter.

In i forcemeat instead of white loaf add i rice which together with meat is passed through a meat grinder by times.

Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cook on water or the weak, fatfree meat broth and carefully wipe.

Porridges from other grain and a dish from pasta do not enter into a diet of this diet.

From eggs it is possible to prepare albuminous steam omelettes or to add them in dishes.


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