Now it can bear

Now it can bear More often children start to turn over with a stomach on a back, and already then from a back on a stomach.

Occurs so because they understand earlier how to use as hand levers, besides on a roundish tummy it is easier to be shaken.

Costs better.

Before the child could stand, if you supported it under mice.

Now it can bear the weight independently for balance preservation it holds you outstretched arms.

What toys to choose for the month's kid the toys publishing different sounds peeping toys of a various form and the invoice by means of which the child can train hands, for example, some short slices of a yarn connected together on the center cubes a favourite toy at any age toys which can be taken and shifted from a hand in a hand, napriring measures How to play with the month's kid These games will be interesting to your kid and will help with his further development.


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