After all curious

After all curious Now, when the child learned to stop and select something from sweat, follow it as a shadow in all its adventures.

After all curious dustman will select everythin including and stubs.

Do not deprive of the kid of pleasure to clamber up, however try to provide a safe place for such exercises Passion to ascensions.

Now in the house there are neither chairs, nor tables, sofas which the beginning climber could not subdue.

Treat with understanding to this desire of the kid to clamber and provide to it safety at such ascensions.

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Directing But it does not mean that it is necessary to lower hands and to be given.

Directing to all efforts to that business became successful, it is not obligatory to discuss all problems with others, accustom the child everything independently.

It is impossible to allow, that one failure broke it.

If any business was not possible, it does not mean that the child was not successful as the personality.

Everything that is required, is that the number of successes on unit exceeded number of failures.

Inform to consciousness of the child that the most unreliable way to avoid mistakes to do, not to run risks nothin never to suffer failures is will teach to nothing.

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On some children

On some children The further a figure are located from each other, the more their emotional dissociation, as a rule, zhayushchy a conflict situation in a family.

On some children emphasize dissociation felt by them near ky with inclusion in free space between members of the family of any strangers who were even more diconnected Day of subjects.

To reduce dissociation, the child hundred fills intervals, in his opinion, things uniting close relatives and subjects or draws Dee members of the family unfamiliar to it persons.

Diagnostics of a family At emotional proximity all relatives in a family on almost closely to each other and practically not .

The child is closer represents itself in relation to any member of the family, the above his degree is adhered to this relative.

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So, analyzing

So, analyzingDistress signal and trouble for your child can serve and planimetric drawing of certain members by it Bad habits of good children.

families or families of all as a whole even then when the nik represents contours various flowers, instead of a simple pencil.

So, analyzing features of interpretation of drawing My family, you as if anew recognized the child and understood that your child ¦ the personality, let still small, innocent, but the personality looking at the world by own clean eyes, having the special point of view on life.

And this point of view to you should be known.

Otherwise suddenly it will appear that you and your child see everything differently and different eyes and speak often in different languages.

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And only

And only Yes, I do not feel inflow, she answered.

I did not understand, about what she speaks, having assumed that she means a depression, and started to advise it concerning a postnatal depression.

And only later, having talked about this case to the wife, I understood that my patient spoke about a breast, instead of about an emotional condition.

During this moment I realized that after long years of study and practice I know nothing about how chest glands develop milk as was considered that it does not concern a science.

Later, when I started to train young doctors, I decided that such inexcusable omission in knowledge of so magnificent function of a human body should not remain destiny of young generation of doctors.

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