In reality

In reality It becomes to let Katee know that it was not suddenly left one as she got used to see Tim at night.

In reality Tim had not to do it as Katee slept all night long from first day of introduction of a new order of preparation for a dream.

Her parents were surprised and excited.

Sam told We did not get enough sleep some years, when children were at home.

EmilyThreeyear Emily got used to fill up a pas a sofa with a small bottle of milk and the sitting next father.

These factors associated at it with a dream.

It was necessary for it to be disaccustomed to it, and in exchange to learn to fill up with one in the bed.

Her parents, Jenn and Barry, considered that it will be too cruel to put simply it in a bed and to leave one as it was unusual to it and could lead to that it will wake the brother and the sister with whom it divided a room.

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It is umbilical

It is umbilical Sometimes between muscles there is a hollow space and when the child cries or strains, the navel is pushed out.

The part of intestines fills hollow space, and you feel a soft vypyachivaniye round a navel.

It is umbilical hernia.

On size it can be about a ball for golf or about a fingertip.

In process of development of muscles the space under and round a navel grows, and hernia disappears.

Umbilical hernias meet almost at all black children.

They are not painful and are not dangerous.

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Striking Suddenly they understood that often resorted to these or those models of behavior, without realizing it.

For many of them viewing of the cartridge, which pas they saw themselves from outside, became the truth moment when they suddenly understood how their own behavior influenced behavior of their children.

Striking examples of it are the moments when Rayan Christie realized as strongly he shouted at the son Matthew, and Wicky Wells understood that her continuous grumble actually led to that her son Oliver behaved even worse.

We want, that you presented that us watch chambers.

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When the kid books

When the kid books One more important point sort when cleaning toy by their types.

When the kid books to books accustom to stack accurately, dolls to dolls, machines to machines, thus the place for each thin its specific accessory automatically is defined.

The child remembers this order and aspires to follow it.

If cleaning of toys irritates you, as your child will treat this occupation also.

You speak mandative tone he protests.

If you talk quietly and benevolently, the child will quietly carry out a task.

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We will tell

We will tell See also section Spasms, page Days when at your kid the temperature will be increased, it will be gathered, while it grows, much, but all of them will pass, as well as the period of infancy, for, as we know, the morning sun never lasts a day.

COLD At the majority of children for the first years of life fuss cold times.

We will tell that it causes how to prevent and distinguish cold, how to cure the child.

What is cold What it for the mysterious microbe forcing children to lose a dream, parents to pass work, and doctors to receive phone callsCold, on medical terminology an acute respiratory disease ORZ, cause both viruses, and bacteria.

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