Look, whether

Look, whether Get acquainted with sanitary conditions whether tutors of a hand after change of diapers wash, whether process toys.

Make sure that prepare a food for children and swaddle them in different places.

Look, whether small bottles, pacifiers of the general using are applied.

Take an interest, whether all per is familiar with safety measures, and ask to show certificates.

Ask, whether there are at them plans of action on a disaster case, for example on a heat Come into a day nursery when parents bring or take away de ty.

Ask them.

At last, answer to itself there it was pleasant to you Also do not think that the questions you too disturb workers of a day nursery and demand the too many.

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Rise behind

Rise behind also repeat pressing.

If the child in consciousness.

Rise behind the choked child and press to itself, having clasped it for a waist.

Compress one hand in a fist and put it on a stomach of the child so that the thumb was a little higher than a navel, but below the thorax end.

Cover a fist with other hand and sharply press a stomach of the child in the direction inside and up, if necessary repeat pressing of times.

Be careful your fist should not touch a thorax or edges of the child.

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Once ask quietly

Once ask quietly If you shout, they will develop immunity to your anger.

If your voice will not have enough authoritativeness, they will not perceive you seriously.

To induce children to do that.

about what them ask, it is necessary to ask quietly once them, and one more time to ask strictly.

Once ask quietly Speak quiet and friendly, but authoritative tone.

Be convinced that hear you and that you look in the face to the child.

% Tell with the child also as you would like that talked to you if you about something asked.

Small angelsIf your child does about what it asked, react positively, surely praise and thank him.

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The mass

The massBy years the mass of a stomach would increase in time.

the ziologichesky capacity it at the threeyear child zitelno makes mm, the sixyear has more.

The epiteliya of a mucous membrane of a stomach at children usually varies time of cell renewal from to hours.

It is considered that the sixyear child has already about million gastric glands.

Bodies of a mocheobrazovaniye and mocheotdeleniye.

By five years the structure of a kidney of the child reminds itself a system of scientific research institute of a kidney of the adult.

The mass of a kidney increases in times.

The length of the urethral channel reaches at boys of cm, at girls see.

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They usually

They usually Pigmentary birthmarks.

These brownishblack specks can strongly vary in the sizes and on appearance.

They usually do not increase in the sizes and with growth of the child seem rather less.

They do not represent danger and treatments do not demand.

It is necessary to delete very bi poorly painted birthmarks covered with hairs, because they can regenerate in malignant tumors.

Mongolian spots.

Any year does not pass without that I not on was called by somebody indignant, accusing parents in the bad treatment of the child because on buttocks of the kid there were blackdark blue spots.

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