WHETHER TO SLEEP There are no such two kids who would look equally, would eat equally, slept equally.

Children wake up owing to the character, instead of because of your parental incapacity.

WHETHER TO SLEEP WITH THE CHILD YES IS NOT PRESENT Whether it is possible to put the child with itself in a bed It is necessary! We consider that there its natural place, and we are surprised, why many books about children reject this tradition checked by eyelids.

It is so possible to deny motherhood also.

As dare false to challenge these experts on children's soul that is proved by life and that the interested parties mother with the child confirm! The first three our children slept in a cradle.

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Remembers, where

Remembers, where Niya in general can at Understands that subjects knows a form of subjects; tya on one.

More long for in and from begins the postViy go.

looks people and subjects with their book Find a kitty.

Vstavlyakanny piece of paper.

The food lucheniya learns to argue.

PovedeEstablishes assotsia to itself attention have the names is been not present to a subject, in advance with toys and that smaller on a door.

Remembers, where names and names roundish pegs in holes.

Chocolate cream should be on scientific research institute generally reflektsiya for we cry pussycat follows people around with the help putting a hand so, tries to understand that with it is possible to put in pain there is a toy if it Arise mental the expert worries Less, if there is a jelly top.

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He worries

He worries Let's assume, at the child the average level of requirements.

That he felt comfortably, it is necessary to satisfy them.

He worries a little, and it rock to sleep and calm exactly so much that its excitement settled.

It is possible to call such child by lung.

And here other kid for whom it is necessary that it held on hands more as soon as it lower, he starts to shout.

Such child demands special attention and it call loud.

But over time, traveling on life in a car of the first class often feed, hold on hands much, pay attention and day and night, it starts to worry ever less.

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To receive

To receive The patrimonial certificate to it in the private medical center will not issue.

To receive the patrimonial certificate, it is necessary for it to address in female consultation in a residence, having on hands an extract from the card of supervision over the pregnant woman which conducted in the medical center.

Thus the coupon of patrimonial certificate will be extinguished by a stamp Is not subject to payment as female consultation did not observe this woman and, respectively, to receive money for not rendered medical services cannot.

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Neither Thus, children of the first months are initially adapted to suck, instead of to chew.

Neither the digestive path of the child, nor his back pass, an internal are not intended for assimilation and digestion of firm food.

Insufficiently developed intestines of the child of months cannot cope with various food as at this age many digestive enzymes are not developed yet.

Children's allergists especially warn against early introduction of firm food if at someone from members of the family is or there was a food allergy.

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