Gesture, as means

Gesture, as means After the kid will walk on all vowels of the alphabet ah oh , it starts to connect such words together ohohohoh, combining them with the specific gurgling sounds arising at passing of a sound in a mouth.

At last, about months there are first words mother, father though yet always the kid accurately correlates them to those whom they designate.

Gesture, as means of communication Gestures the most significant predecessors of oral speech because they are replaced subsequently with equivalent words on sense.

If the kid wants, that you took it to yourselves, he does not cry, as earlier, and stretches to you hands and expressively looks, as though speaking Please, take me.

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There are data

There are dataTo put it briefly, the child lie to some extent adds a barrier among themselves and people around, not a pony of May that loses trust of people.

One more type of lie unmotivated lie.

The child uses it as though air, food, it ordinary daily occurrence, a habit or a dynamic stereotype.

The child, knowing that he lies, does not want to think of deception consequences.

They usually do not excite him.

Deception of the child at not in blood not only in figurative, but also in a literal sense.

There are data that it genetic deception.

In any case, such lie not any means.

Sources it it is really visible, in genetics so .

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The breast

The breastOU of some women change flavoring addictions.

The stomach while is hardly appreciable, but the figure starts to be approximated gradually.

The breast especially strongly increases, nipples grow coarse.

Besides that the breast was poured, it still can and ache a bit.

Periodically pain passes, but then can appear again.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON nausea and vomitings the mass of a body can decrease, and skin becomes dry, flabby.

There is a weakness, drowsiness.

future mother is exposed to serious tests.

Stresses of trimester are connected generally with understanding of the forthcoming changes which meanwhile remind of itself only nausea in the mornings and records in a medical card.

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New splash

New splash You can try to receive the list of possible candidates at your doctor, at someone from the service personnel, in hospital, on classes in training to the correct behavior at childbirth, in local association of nurses, at the friends using such services.

In our practice of mother which at former childbirth had complications or Cesarean section, and now they would like to have normal childbirth, found that professional assistants in this case are irreplaceable.

New splash childbirth in water Patrimonial activity and childbirth in water practised the last years in Russia and in France.

And only recently this natural method facilitating childbirth started to be used in North America.

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Previously The welded quenelles to fill in with the sweptaway dairy sauce and to boil.

Meat bread white eggs pieces, milk ml, sauce ml.

QUENELLES MEAT In kotletny weight to add vegetable oil, eg to salt, shake up, create quenelles, to weld them on pair.

Previously the presoaked gelatin to dissolve in a hot broth or vegetable broth, to filter.

in a superficial form to pour a little cooled down to °' a broth or vegetable broth with the dissolved gelatin, to put the cooleddown quenelles, to add other broth or broth, let's stiffen.

Meat bread white milk ml, vegetable oil of eggs j piece, a broth or broth vegetable ml, gelatin g.

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