When from all parts

When from all partsAnd this relative everything I see a majority source a game of fliktny situations for the child.

Everything can be similar a sunok close I hear on which the author is absorbed from fermentation of the ears exceeding the sizes of ears of the Cheburashka.

When from all parts the child allocates only a mouth, most likely, the owner of a mouth as a press, presses a na.

khudozhnik, tyvy his infinite notations, morals within own morals, and cultivates in it fear.

When you see that in drawing the artist most of all joint stock company the attention on the head and thoroughly draws all parts of the person, preferring the person to all to the rest, that, eyes are most visible, the child shows once again you as for not the next sort a stvennik is considerable represented by it such way.

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Especially Especially obviously similar arrests of development are shown at children who are bringing up from early age in orphanages, roundtheclock groups of kindergarten etc.

It would seem, for the child all conditions, but a lack of communication and, moreover, absence of highquality communication with adults are created development of many functions of the child, respectively, and independence brakes.

Sometimes such syndrome of helplessness develops even at children who are bringing up in safe at first sight families where parents are keen on modern theories, such as a syroyedeniye, a hardenin baby yogi etc.

If these theories do not read off scale in consciousness of parents, being combined with other methods of education, harm from them will not be.

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At first leave

At first leave If the first impression favorable, devote the nurse in a subtlety of your care of the child just as you devote someone in specifics of your work.

Whether it is better not to begin at once with sentry of the working day and the sentry nede.

At first leave the child on nurse care on short intervals, between feedings, and gradually increase them.

Start to work on Wednesday or on Thursday to facilitate separation short working week.

DAY NURSERY Though the yaselny group for the smallest is not recommended, for many working parents it is the only thing to do.

Here ways to take all best of such situation.

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Rice milk. ml, water

Rice milk. ml, water PUDDING RICE WITH APPLES To cook viscous boiled rice on water with milk.

When it will a little cool down, to add the egg yolk pounded with sugar and the softened butter, and also small cut cleared apples, to mix and carefully to enter the protein shaken up in foam.

Weight to shift in greased with butter and the form strewed with crackers and to bake in an oven or to weld on pair minutes.

A tax on a table with sour cream.

Rice milk.

ml, water ml, eggs piece I, sugar butter g.

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Development Development of diligence is promoted by that fact that first educational activity presents great difficulties which should be overcome for the child accustoming to new living conditions to a day regimen, duties, requirements, the problems connected with educational process difficulties in training to readin the account and the letter, and new cares which appear at the child of the house because it went to school earlier, having come from a kindergarten, it was possible to play carefree, now it is necessary to do homework.

At this moment very important that parents did not pull, did not urge on the child, were not irritated.

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