Such child

Such child Quite often children suddenly fill an empty interval with those relatives who are not present, or the sou stridin but very far is real.

The role of the buffer is played often also by cats and dogs.

When the child feels superfluous and unnecessary in the family, his figure is most less, clothes gloomy and imperceptible.

Such child often simply represents itself contours and strokes, without stopping on details, drawing itself in a zaver of a sheniya of a plot.

When the child, contrary to everythin is adhered after all to someone from parents or to both at once, he draws them warm colors, without stinting tender paints.

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Step the fifth

Step the fifth Calculation of caloric content of food and determination of equation of a food are the useful exercises, helping to understand principles of a healthy food and addiction of your child.

Step the fifth consider other circumstances influencing development vaof the shy child During long or often repeating diseases a diarrhea, cold rates of development of the child change, especially it is appreciable by his weight.

Appetite during an illness, as a rule, bad, but also, energy from acquired food which could be spent for growth and development, goes on fight against an illness.

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Let's them

Let's them At younger school age the corresponding motive is fixed, becoming steady personal line.

It usually occurs by the end of younger school age.

At the beginning of school training other personal lines are finally formed.

Let's them consider.

At younger school age children still infinitely trust adults, imitate them to teachers, parents.

They completely recognize authority of the adult person, almost unconditionally accept his estimates and the remark.

This line makes related them with preschool children.

That is, how the younger school student estimated itself, he generally only repeats that the adult speaks about it.

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Oh! To rescue

Oh! To rescue If you have time, and at the child desire, value such minutes, as chest feeding such period in life of the child which flies by very quickly.

Delaying a breast It is similar to Mr.

I will suck a little bit, I will have a look a little bit as hour that throws back the head during feedin but forgets to release a breast.

Oh! To rescue nipples, sharply draw the head of the child to a breast, podderlive a nape of the child a hand.

Feed him in a pose cradle in a religature see page to hold its head.

And, at last, be going to thrust the forefinger into a mouth to the child to stop a sosaniye as soon as it starts to pull a breast.

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It can lose

It can lose Botanists, zubrilka, excellent pupils with them can be considered in case those let's to them write off homework or help with examination, but as a whole good marks often are not the admission to good relations with contemporaries.

And if such botanist let's also write off, here write was gone.

It can lose the arrangement remains.

From outside it looks strange because to all children repeatedly inspire that they go to school behind knowledge that is good to study is the main thin nevertheless children belonging to groups described above, school students do not favor.

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It was the most

It was the mostFeeding by a breastMany mothers take away the children from a breast during the first goal of their life but if you continue to nurse more lon probably, you will need a way to explain to the child that you want to stop to do hundred.

At fouryear Nikola Georgiu the dominating approach to this aspect of a food was developed.

It was the most younger and three children and very desired girl born in six years after her two brothers.

To Christina to nurse Nikola, on it decided to stop it to do, when the girl was two years old.

Nicol, however, drew a pas that hundred should proceed.

And age of four years Nikola weight still nursed.

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