After such

After such Ma starts to cry.

Mother as it nearby also is adjusted on perception of the child, a beret and starts to feed him.

The baby ceases to cry.

When the child again wakes up, starts to coil, does a grimace and then cries, mother reacts in the same way.

Next time mother notices the signals previous crying.

When the child wakes up, starts to coil and the person bends, it takes it on hands and feeds before he will begin to cry.

She learned to read submitted it the child signals and as appropriate to respond to them.

After such dialogue repeats between mother and the child many times, they start to work as uniform team.

The child learns to submit more accurate signals, mother quickly to respond on them.

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When it is hungry, suffers

When it is hungry, suffers But after all and peacekeepers can be tired.

It is necessary for your child to understand that there are also other possibilities to calm down, except feeding by a breast.

First of all, let's glance in consciousness of your child to understand, why it does it.

For the first months he would get used to the following scheme for unpleasant the pleasant always follows.

When it is hungry, suffers from thirst, loneliness, the alarm, being cut teeth, it was rescued always by a parent breast.

If he wakes up, you start it to feed at once.

And can be, it is necessary to give to it a little time to calm down most, without the aid of a breast First of all, strengthen its feeding in the afternoon.

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Being once

Being once Tu not standard nost.

being once even the reason of his pride.

And still, despite it.

Your kid is ready to make a compromise and it to leave only to please you, having sharply changed occurring opinion on it, though it to some extent for it loss itself, loss of own gains and victories.

And nevertheless the kid goes on this sacrifice to you, as if to a deity.

Not because that he so plays the hypocrite, and because that during these difficult moments and really you considers by a deity.

And these difficult moments come always, when the kid .

And having ached, the child already the captive of own emotions.

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And still, despite

And still, despite Now the child can ask about somethin sitting at a table juice, milk etc.

, and also to go to the storeroom or to the refrigerator in search of any food it should be a clear sign of that the child is hungry.

And still, despite all abovementioned, be not exposed iskushea niya to think This small the upstart simply orders me.

When rethe benok speaks Come here, Give waters, all this has the slightest relation to the one who here no main.

Simply it is a usual manner of communication for children of this age.

Besides, children try, what reaction in adults is caused by these or those words or phrases.

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WHETHER TO SLEEP There are no such two kids who would look equally, would eat equally, slept equally.

Children wake up owing to the character, instead of because of your parental incapacity.

WHETHER TO SLEEP WITH THE CHILD YES IS NOT PRESENT Whether it is possible to put the child with itself in a bed It is necessary! We consider that there its natural place, and we are surprised, why many books about children reject this tradition checked by eyelids.

It is so possible to deny motherhood also.

As dare false to challenge these experts on children's soul that is proved by life and that the interested parties mother with the child confirm! The first three our children slept in a cradle.

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Remembers, where

Remembers, where Niya in general can at Understands that subjects knows a form of subjects; tya on one.

More long for in and from begins the postViy go.

looks people and subjects with their book Find a kitty.

Vstavlyakanny piece of paper.

The food lucheniya learns to argue.

PovedeEstablishes assotsia to itself attention have the names is been not present to a subject, in advance with toys and that smaller on a door.

Remembers, where names and names roundish pegs in holes.

Chocolate cream should be on scientific research institute generally reflektsiya for we cry pussycat follows people around with the help putting a hand so, tries to understand that with it is possible to put in pain there is a toy if it Arise mental the expert worries Less, if there is a jelly top.

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