He worries

He worries Let's assume, at the child the average level of requirements.

That he felt comfortably, it is necessary to satisfy them.

He worries a little, and it rock to sleep and calm exactly so much that its excitement settled.

It is possible to call such child by lung.

And here other kid for whom it is necessary that it held on hands more as soon as it lower, he starts to shout.

Such child demands special attention and it call loud.

But over time, traveling on life in a car of the first class often feed, hold on hands much, pay attention and day and night, it starts to worry ever less.

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To receive

To receive The patrimonial certificate to it in the private medical center will not issue.

To receive the patrimonial certificate, it is necessary for it to address in female consultation in a residence, having on hands an extract from the card of supervision over the pregnant woman which conducted in the medical center.

Thus the coupon of patrimonial certificate will be extinguished by a stamp Is not subject to payment as female consultation did not observe this woman and, respectively, to receive money for not rendered medical services cannot.

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Neither Thus, children of the first months are initially adapted to suck, instead of to chew.

Neither the digestive path of the child, nor his back pass, an internal are not intended for assimilation and digestion of firm food.

Insufficiently developed intestines of the child of months cannot cope with various food as at this age many digestive enzymes are not developed yet.

Children's allergists especially warn against early introduction of firm food if at someone from members of the family is or there was a food allergy.

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If the child

If the childFor toxicosis removal first of all it is necessary for sick child to compensate loss of liquid which resulted from vomiting and a frequent liquid chair.

The water and tea diet is for this purpose appointed to longer term from to hours.

Such starvation is necessary for ensuring the most complete mechanical and chemical treatment of a mucous membrane of a gastroenteric path.

Drink should room temperature.

Give it in the small portions, but it is frequent.

If the child has a vomitin LIQUID give on teaspoons each minutes.

Total of liquid count proceeding from weight of a body of the child for children till year it is necessary to give on ml on each kg of weight of a body, for more senior children on ml on kg.

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Begin house

Begin house If it is possible, choose such occupation which would allow you to give to the parent duties as much as possible time.

Begin house business.

Find for work establishment nearby from your house that the International Federation of Journalists but was to visit during the day the child or that the nurse brought it to you.

Work on flexible hours at which there is a certain volume of work, but it is possible to choose time to stay with the kid.

If you send the child to a day nursery, choose that are closer to a place of your work more often to communicate with it.

Carry the child on work.

Whether there will be at you such possibility, depends both on the child, and from kind of work.

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For example, in some

For example, in some Reception parents both mothers, and fathers can endure a depression.

It is possible, as with the advent of the kid they should undergo so many changes in habitual life that they can be tired first and .

Look for supports at other reception parents and study on their experience.

For example, in some foster homes there is a tradition twice to celebrate birthday of the child at first when it was born, and then day when it was accepted in a family.

When and how to tell about it to the child.

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