Remember that

Remember that Remember that if you do not want, that the similar behavior repeated, it is necessary whenever possible it.

Small angelsTo put to bed earlierIf you are going to use one of approaches which we described, to children, got used to be put to bed very late, do not start them to stack at once in in , differently come to grief.

That is better to begin near time to which they got used, and then to reduce it by minutes every evening while they will not pass to the correct time you can define this time, using the table of necessary quantity of a dream see p.

and having counted back from that time to which your child got used.

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Situation for parents

Situation for parentsNot to pay attention to loneliness of the child and his early growing.

To be proud of that he is capable to teach adults.

To bring up continuous cautions and niya.

Situation for parents of a flare together with mother walked in park.

It went on the bicycle, representing an engine.

Alyosha's game very much was pleasant to two unfamiliar boys it wanted to them to play too with it.

Alyosha was delighted to it, tears from a bicycle, but for some reason mother suddenly reminded it that it is necessary to go urgently to eat, and withdrew the resisting Alyosha literally by a hand home, inspiring to it under way that he only should be on friendly terms with it, and from children continuous troubles.

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And nevertheless

And nevertheless In a condition of children suffering from being cut teeth, as a rule, there is no deterioration.

And nevertheless all parents need to remember if you doubt, surely address to the doctor.

When to start to brush teeth to the child Today recommend to start to clean gums to remove a raid, by means of a gauze at once as there is the first tooth, so, between the th and th months.

There are some tactical receptions for toothbrushing at the kid.

It is interesting.

Let's to the child consider your toothbrush and show that with it do, intentionally emphasizing The same as mother and the father Approximately in a year present to the kid his first toothbrush and try, that training gave it pleasure and reminded game If he falls in love with toothbrushing imitation, then to you it will be simpler to teach than it to be engaged in seriously this important issue.

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Constant To accept in the first half of day.

NOTE F FOR GIVE RISE TELEY Children born with mass of a body more than k as , in i l to obesity and diabetes development.

EN PEAI I PITAS ANIYa KA Mostit is dangerous to overfeed children aged about one year.

Babies whom overfeed within the first three months of life a gain of weight of a body of the child in months exceeds k further have obesity.

Constant mechanical stretching of a stomach bi than it is required in norm, in volume of food causes education and fixing a reflex of the increased appetite which is an one of m factors in development and obesity progressing.

At the same time at a perekarmlivaniye at babies increases both volume of fatty cages, and their quantity.

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The phenomenon

The phenomenon Usually gases arise in the second half of day at the same time, at once after food or .


The child hysterically cries and rolls out legs, the tummy at it is blown up.

From time to time at the child gases depart.

The phenomenon of an intensive gazoobrazovaniye meteorizm happens at the small children being both on artificial and mixed, and on chest feeding.

For the prevention of a meteorizm try to reduce, first, fat content of chest milk at the expense of reduction of quantity of fat products in a diet of mother, inclusion in a food of kefir, juice.

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The most known

The most known Fight also begins.

When antigenes and antibodies meet in a duel, it is reflected in functions of certain bodies, as a rule, respiratory ways, intestines, skin.

The reactions similar to small explosions, liberate chemicals which cause allergy manifestations.

The most known substance a histamine from here and the name of antiallergenic drugs antihistamines.

And violation of fabrics of an organism at these explosions leads to defeat of blood vessels there is a rash, cold, eyelids and eyes swell up a little.

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