Sometimes Main thing; that both of them should pass the same steps of development.

Compare the child only to him but with what it was a month ago.

To move from one step of development on another, different children need different time.

Sometimes it seems that some do a stop, a respite in development, and then very quickly make up for the missed.

They can jump in general through any moment.

Do not glance with jealousy at neighbors whose child will learn to go earlier.

The victory in races on marks of development is not confirmation neither special abilities of the child, nor outstanding successes of his parents.

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For flat nipples

For flat nipples Slips in the following circumstances are used During the antenatal period for the flat or pulledin nipples carrying nakladock the last months of pregnancy promotes a vypyachivaniye of nipples forward.

During the postnatal period for the flat or pulledin nipples slips should be carried between feedings to improve a shape of nipples.

For flat nipples the slips which are put on for an hourhalf an hour to kormlea niya, promote a vypyachivaniye of nipples at the subsequent feeding.

If milk flows slips will help you to avoid milk spots on clothes if milk at you still flows when it can create special inconveniences for example, on wedding at the sister.

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I make a start

I make a start Your month's inventor who thought up such balanced way of movement is how reasonable! The creeping thinker Only imagine to itself, what powerful impulse for intellectual development is received by the child, learned to creep! It experiments various styles and stops on the most perfect.

The kid learns to solve problems and comprehends the cause and effect relations.

I make a start a foot here so and I move quicker than when I make a start in a different way.

At the same time he studies selfencouragement.

After all than more it moves and reaches in such a way interesting toys, subjects it is more at it than the bases to improve this possibility.

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