Also be capricious

Also be capriciousQuite often women start to represent the child as it looks, behaves.

During this period the behavior of the woman can be unpredictable and unusual for it.

The mood can change hundred times during the day.

And it is normal! relatives that at you, as well as at all pregnant women last month, splashes and mood differences, lifting and activity recession are possible.

Also be capricious on health! for the present there is such possibility.

Properly to behave to future motherIn recent weeks before childbirth it is important to test as much as possible positive emotions and to clean tension sources.

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Hitting about

Hitting about The nose is as though specially created by the nature to be the buffer that at blow the person about a floor did not injure the head.

Hitting about a firm surface, the nose is flattened, as fragile nasal bones are rumpled.

If your child flattened out a nose, do the following procedures Put a bubble with ice to a nose of the child, carefully pressing time pouting places from each party, nose bridges are slightly lower.

Leave ice as it is possible more long the child but how many will sustain not less than mines.

Rather you put cold after a trauma and will hold it more lon the nose less will swell.

That blood from a nose did not get on a back wall of a throat, the child should be in a standing position, having a little bent down forward.

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More often

More often To Reba a nok, feeling guilty, it is outcast in own eyes therefore its drawings almost always remind similar drawings at emotional rejection of children in a family.

More often the artist forgets to draw that from relatives because of whom as he considers, there was a conflict.

And if after all the child draws that person, it to draw to it attention, represents it higher or below all standing nearby, in cold ny, mourning tones.

Quite often at a conflict situation in all relatives are drawn only with contours, and their shchennost is visible that they are remote all from each other unnecessary subjects, empty intervals as though exist not all together, and everyone with itself.

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Such diary

Such diary Keep the diary of feedings We advise to you to keep the diary of feedings.

Divide a page into Colon .

In st write down products which your child eats with pleasure; in the nd products which as you found out, he does not love; in the rd possible allergens; in the th methods which you use when feeding.

Such diary will help you to study tastes and favourite dishes of your child at each stage of his development.

The diary is an one more way of knowledge of the kid.

If the child is subject to the food allergy, each time new food give separately from another, gradually and not more often than once a week.

Write down, the kid is located to what food more and what simply does not love.

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Involuntarily Her destiny to rule and govern.

She does not know that such proximity, warmth.

Involuntarily it seems that instead of heart at it an ice slice so cold it concerns the child.

And it usually freezes near it.

The sleeping beauty.

All life she continues to wait for the prince who has not met by it.

As a rule, the father of her child at all it.

Therefore such mother lives in captivity of the imaginations, hopes, dreams in reality, without noticing a number of the child, his requirements, desires and .

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To store

To storeBroths prepare actually as well as infusions, but them on a boiling water bath r and filter hot after upholding during r.

After raw materials otzhimaniye amount of broth lead up boiled water to initial volume.

To store the prepared broths and infusions no more than days follow in a dark cold place or in the refrigerator.

At preparation of herbs for intake by the most optimum preliminary crushing of collecting to a powder is.

It is easy to prepare a powder, passing plants through a meat grinder or a coffee grinder.

The powder should not be very small particles in size of mm.

As in a plant powder in , months start to lose the medical properties, it is not necessary to crush them at once in a large number.

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