Zora never

Zora never They were on intensive therapy, and a question of that.

they will survive or not.

stood very sharply.

Zora could not feed them .

It was the strong St the EC.

I remember, how I sat there.

cried, tried to squeeze out of itself somethin on it turned out nothing , she remembered.

The St] shook her selfconfidence as three years later she still doubted mother, N that can normally feed the daughters.

Twins too quickly started to be nervous and reacted to a stressful condition of mother.

Zora never noticed this interrelation earlier.

I never thought that the reason of my experiences because of their small appetite is that I could not feed them.

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And the girl

And the girl She is afraid also for the father.

Is anxious, if he even sneezes.

Often nightmares at night seem to it.

Only interrupted dream relieves of them.

And the girl goes suppressed, sad, ready to burst into tears its Majesty the Child!.

during every moment.

Try tell it that to mother it is unimportant it panics, sobbing at all, catching at a skirt of annoyed mother.

The th mother, becoming angry, now began to speak purposely at it about the sick heart.

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Do not worry! These

Do not worry! These Allocation from eyes in the first months almost always are caused by obstruction of plaintive tubules; at children be more senior than this age the reason of vydeleniye can conjunctivitis and that happens more often, the infected ears or a nose see page Red proveins After the birth you can soon notice red proveins in whites of the eyes.

Do not worry! These are socalled hemorrhages under a conjunctiva, caused burst at the time of delivery blood .

They are not dangerous to eyes and disappear within several weeks.

MOUTH OF THE CHILD You glanced in a mouth of the child and saw a white raid on internal old not lips and cheeks, in language and the sky.

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These teenagers

These teenagers Often these personal characteristics of the teenager conflict to group requirements.

Teenagers, Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONbegun sexual life, highly appreciate the independence, the opinion of friends for them means more than opinion of a family.

These teenagers start to be on drugs more often and alcohol, are more inclined to antisocial actions, is more often than others get to scrapes.

Quite often teenagers use sex as the proof of the independence, a maturity, abilities independently to make decisions.

Thus they try to get rid of guardianship of parents.

Thus they yet in a condition to resolve all contradictions which arise at sexual communication, suffer from a lack of information and its distortion.

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Report about

Report about Such reactions, as puffiness of eyelids or joints, hyperactivity when the child becomes excessively raised are possible also.

Tell to the doctor about any reaction of the kid to a preparation.

To use received information further, conduct zapiSI about all collateral reactions and preparations which your child does not transfer.

Report about such drugs to doctors who write out the recipe, without having near at hand a medical record of the child.

If your kid has any chronic disease, and at medicine is constant, remind the doctor, it uses what preparations now.

Find out, whether it is possible to combine them with writtenout medicine.

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Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cook

Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cookIn 'N diet.

! white crackers, soups on not the stron fatfree broth in them it is possible to add the boiled wiped meat, quenelles with addition of mucous broths of semolina and rice grain, steam or boiled dishes from meat and fish a quenelle, a cutlet, a souffle enter.

In i forcemeat instead of white loaf add i rice which together with meat is passed through a meat grinder by times.

Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cook on water or the weak, fatfree meat broth and carefully wipe.

Porridges from other grain and a dish from pasta do not enter into a diet of this diet.

From eggs it is possible to prepare albuminous steam omelettes or to add them in dishes.

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