And the last

And the last If time of a dream of the kid and your dinner or a dinner does not coincide, it is possible to use some checked receptions.

Take with itself products loved by the child.

For the kid, already able SI to put on a stool, take soft silent toys and plastic ware.

Choose such restaurants where to children would be always glad.

Do not visit restaurants in which there are no high armchairs for children.

And the last arrange the child so that it was not the focus of attention and did not become a subject of entertainment of adults.

Change of habits Do not feed the child with long same product.

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If you call

If you call As it is called Kids realize this age that each thing and each person have own name and a name more and more.

When you walk round the house or go by the car, give all names.

If you call everything by what pass, it, among other things, will help to hold the kid in rather quiet condition.

Words are built in memory.

It is easier to remember those subjects which have names therefore they are quicker postponed in extending storages of memory of the child.

Do random inspections to find out, whether the child of the name of house subjects remembers.

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