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If cough disturbs

Without such cough of allocation would turn into the mucous raid interfering pass of air, and would serve as the favorable environment for reproduction of bacteria.Considering all these factors, start treatment of such defender of a thorax with special discretion.If cough disturbs the child, try to take the following measures.Try, that allocation remained liquid.That to the child it was easier this slime, try to apply means which we recommended in the section Razzhizheniye of vydeleniye, page Clap the child on a back.The socalled chest physiotherapy, i.

And it is not casual. From

Stephen has new skills, and we study

In communication with such children the principle of mutual influence is especially brightly shown.Stephen has new skills, and we study together with it.It awakes in us all best.Here most the general provisions connected with this quite frequent congenital pathology.Frequency of this disease The Down syndrome called by name of doctors of Langdon Dauna, for the first time described such children in , reveal at every th newborn.Danger of a disease increases with age mothers among mothers till years child on newborns, till years on till years on till years on till years on till years on These figures can frighten, but everything depends on how them to present.

To take a broth

The received weight to pour in in a boiling broth, all the time stirring slowly, before formation of small flakes.To take a broth on weak fire some minutes while it does not become again transparent.Eggs pieces, a broth ml.BROTH WITH HOUSE NOODLES For noodles to prepare dough from the sifted flour, cold water and crude eg it is very thin it to unroll, cut long strips, to pour a flour, to combine one on another and small to chop, then to dry on a board.In a boiling meat broth to put house noodles and to boil minutes, to salt.


He allows to answer a question, who at mother in a tummy the boy or the girl.Reliability of received results is very high %.Research of a floor on medical indications can be carried out since th week of pregnancy.If the undesirable floor came to light, according to medical indications and desire of spouses it is possible to interrupt pregnancy, thus having prevented the birth of the sick child.Fortunately, the diseases connected with a floor, meet extremely seldom.Using cell phoneWhether the cell phone is harmless to health of the pregnant woman Future mother should know that communication by the cell phone is not so harmless for a long time for it.

Kids to the poprezhny

Simple and often repeating questions will receive absolutely clear answers.You want on handles The kid will not tell neither no, nor yes, but language of its gestures is absolutely clear to you certainly, except for that case when he plainly does not know that it would like.Kids to the poprezhny are elderly about a year tell a few words, but on a lot of things and own the developed sign language.The perception the child of speech ability to understand always for some months advances its ability to express the thoughts.From this that the child speaks while very little, at all it is not necessary to conclude that he insufficiently well understands you.

Such child

Quite often children suddenly fill an empty interval with those relatives who are not present, or the sou stridin but very far is real.The role of the buffer is played often also by cats and dogs.When the child feels superfluous and unnecessary in the family, his figure is most less, clothes gloomy and imperceptible.Such child often simply represents itself contours and strokes, without stopping on details, drawing itself in a zaver of a sheniya of a plot.When the child, contrary to everythin is adhered after all to someone from parents or to both at once, he draws them warm colors, without stinting tender paints.

Step the fifth

Calculation of caloric content of food and determination of equation of a food are the useful exercises, helping to understand principles of a healthy food and addiction of your child.Step the fifth consider other circumstances influencing development vaof the shy child During long or often repeating diseases a diarrhea, cold rates of development of the child change, especially it is appreciable by his weight.Appetite during an illness, as a rule, bad, but also, energy from acquired food which could be spent for growth and development, goes on fight against an illness.

Let's them

At younger school age the corresponding motive is fixed, becoming steady personal line.It usually occurs by the end of younger school age.At the beginning of school training other personal lines are finally formed.Let's them consider.At younger school age children still infinitely trust adults, imitate them to teachers, parents.They completely recognize authority of the adult person, almost unconditionally accept his estimates and the remark.This line makes related them with preschool children.That is, how the younger school student estimated itself, he generally only repeats that the adult speaks about it.

Oh! To rescue

If you have time, and at the child desire, value such minutes, as chest feeding such period in life of the child which flies by very quickly.Delaying a breast It is similar to Mr.I will suck a little bit, I will have a look a little bit as hour that throws back the head during feedin but forgets to release a breast.Oh! To rescue nipples, sharply draw the head of the child to a breast, podderlive a nape of the child a hand.Feed him in a pose cradle in a religature see page to hold its head.And, at last, be going to thrust the forefinger into a mouth to the child to stop a sosaniye as soon as it starts to pull a breast.

It can lose

Botanists, zubrilka, excellent pupils with them can be considered in case those let's to them write off homework or help with examination, but as a whole good marks often are not the admission to good relations with contemporaries.And if such botanist let's also write off, here write was gone.It can lose the arrangement remains.From outside it looks strange because to all children repeatedly inspire that they go to school behind knowledge that is good to study is the main thin nevertheless children belonging to groups described above, school students do not favor.

It was the most

Feeding by a breastMany mothers take away the children from a breast during the first goal of their life but if you continue to nurse more lon probably, you will need a way to explain to the child that you want to stop to do hundred.At fouryear Nikola Georgiu the dominating approach to this aspect of a food was developed.It was the most younger and three children and very desired girl born in six years after her two brothers.To Christina to nurse Nikola, on it decided to stop it to do, when the girl was two years old.Nicol, however, drew a pas that hundred should proceed.And age of four years Nikola weight still nursed.

Also be capricious

Quite often women start to represent the child as it looks, behaves.During this period the behavior of the woman can be unpredictable and unusual for it.The mood can change hundred times during the day.And it is normal! relatives that at you, as well as at all pregnant women last month, splashes and mood differences, lifting and activity recession are possible.Also be capricious on health! for the present there is such possibility.Properly to behave to future motherIn recent weeks before childbirth it is important to test as much as possible positive emotions and to clean tension sources.

Hitting about

The nose is as though specially created by the nature to be the buffer that at blow the person about a floor did not injure the head.Hitting about a firm surface, the nose is flattened, as fragile nasal bones are rumpled.If your child flattened out a nose, do the following procedures Put a bubble with ice to a nose of the child, carefully pressing time pouting places from each party, nose bridges are slightly lower.Leave ice as it is possible more long the child but how many will sustain not less than mines.Rather you put cold after a trauma and will hold it more lon the nose less will swell.That blood from a nose did not get on a back wall of a throat, the child should be in a standing position, having a little bent down forward.

More often

To Reba a nok, feeling guilty, it is outcast in own eyes therefore its drawings almost always remind similar drawings at emotional rejection of children in a family.More often the artist forgets to draw that from relatives because of whom as he considers, there was a conflict.And if after all the child draws that person, it to draw to it attention, represents it higher or below all standing nearby, in cold ny, mourning tones.Quite often at a conflict situation in all relatives are drawn only with contours, and their shchennost is visible that they are remote all from each other unnecessary subjects, empty intervals as though exist not all together, and everyone with itself.

Such diary

Keep the diary of feedings We advise to you to keep the diary of feedings.Divide a page into Colon .In st write down products which your child eats with pleasure; in the nd products which as you found out, he does not love; in the rd possible allergens; in the th methods which you use when feeding.Such diary will help you to study tastes and favourite dishes of your child at each stage of his development.The diary is an one more way of knowledge of the kid.If the child is subject to the food allergy, each time new food give separately from another, gradually and not more often than once a week.Write down, the kid is located to what food more and what simply does not love.


Her destiny to rule and govern.She does not know that such proximity, warmth.Involuntarily it seems that instead of heart at it an ice slice so cold it concerns the child.And it usually freezes near it.The sleeping beauty.All life she continues to wait for the prince who has not met by it.As a rule, the father of her child at all it.Therefore such mother lives in captivity of the imaginations, hopes, dreams in reality, without noticing a number of the child, his requirements, desires and .

To store

Broths prepare actually as well as infusions, but them on a boiling water bath r and filter hot after upholding during r.After raw materials otzhimaniye amount of broth lead up boiled water to initial volume.To store the prepared broths and infusions no more than days follow in a dark cold place or in the refrigerator.At preparation of herbs for intake by the most optimum preliminary crushing of collecting to a powder is.It is easy to prepare a powder, passing plants through a meat grinder or a coffee grinder.The powder should not be very small particles in size of mm.As in a plant powder in , months start to lose the medical properties, it is not necessary to crush them at once in a large number.

For Mat and Manley

With children it becomes cheerful, if to them it is cheerful.B.Be organizedIn a broad sense children are the real adherents of the schedule they like the nobility, they are in what situation, and as when will occur.If your family life is chaotic, to you can be more difficult to make concrete changes in the relation of such questions, as a dream, food or behavior.So, whenever possible, try to follow the schedule that your family life became simpler.For Mat and Manley Elson and their five children life was chaos.Mat tried to work at home, easy looking after their threeyear triplets, his wife Manley also was at home, but anybody from them did not define accurately the duties.


As soon as these sisters saw in the morning that I approached on hospital to carry out round, they while I put the car on a usual place, fast carried children them to mothers and showed me almost empty chamber for newborns.Sometimes I entered through a back door and caught them on this occupation they would like to be more mothers, than nurses on the care of newborns.I not without reason put sisterly care of the child on the last place.Not only because mother in this case is deprived of possibility to care of the child whom it so long bore.I am sincerely convinced, as to mother, and the child during this important period when both of them so need in each other, it is better to be together.

Gesture, as means

After the kid will walk on all vowels of the alphabet ah oh , it starts to connect such words together ohohohoh, combining them with the specific gurgling sounds arising at passing of a sound in a mouth.At last, about months there are first words mother, father though yet always the kid accurately correlates them to those whom they designate.Gesture, as means of communication Gestures the most significant predecessors of oral speech because they are replaced subsequently with equivalent words on sense.If the kid wants, that you took it to yourselves, he does not cry, as earlier, and stretches to you hands and expressively looks, as though speaking Please, take me.

There are data

To put it briefly, the child lie to some extent adds a barrier among themselves and people around, not a pony of May that loses trust of people.One more type of lie unmotivated lie.The child uses it as though air, food, it ordinary daily occurrence, a habit or a dynamic stereotype.The child, knowing that he lies, does not want to think of deception consequences.They usually do not excite him.Deception of the child at not in blood not only in figurative, but also in a literal sense.There are data that it genetic deception.In any case, such lie not any means.Sources it it is really visible, in genetics so .

The breast

OU of some women change flavoring addictions.The stomach while is hardly appreciable, but the figure starts to be approximated gradually.The breast especially strongly increases, nipples grow coarse.Besides that the breast was poured, it still can and ache a bit.Periodically pain passes, but then can appear again.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON nausea and vomitings the mass of a body can decrease, and skin becomes dry, flabby.There is a weakness, drowsiness.future mother is exposed to serious tests.Stresses of trimester are connected generally with understanding of the forthcoming changes which meanwhile remind of itself only nausea in the mornings and records in a medical card.

New splash

You can try to receive the list of possible candidates at your doctor, at someone from the service personnel, in hospital, on classes in training to the correct behavior at childbirth, in local association of nurses, at the friends using such services.In our practice of mother which at former childbirth had complications or Cesarean section, and now they would like to have normal childbirth, found that professional assistants in this case are irreplaceable.New splash childbirth in water Patrimonial activity and childbirth in water practised the last years in Russia and in France.And only recently this natural method facilitating childbirth started to be used in North America.


The welded quenelles to fill in with the sweptaway dairy sauce and to boil.Meat bread white eggs pieces, milk ml, sauce ml.QUENELLES MEAT In kotletny weight to add vegetable oil, eg to salt, shake up, create quenelles, to weld them on pair.Previously the presoaked gelatin to dissolve in a hot broth or vegetable broth, to filter.in a superficial form to pour a little cooled down to °' a broth or vegetable broth with the dissolved gelatin, to put the cooleddown quenelles, to add other broth or broth, let's stiffen.Meat bread white milk ml, vegetable oil of eggs j piece, a broth or broth vegetable ml, gelatin g.

Change of normal

At deficiency of bifidobakteriya in intestines there is an oppression of immunobiological forces of an organism, digestion of calcium, vitamin K decreases, vitaminosinteziruyushchy function of intestinal microflora suffers.Change of normal structure and function of microflora of intestines, i.e.dysbacteriosis, develops n irrational use of antibiotics and other chemotherapeutic medicines more often.At transfer of the child to artificial feeding to a gastrointestinal path of n various bacteria, a part from which it can appear conditionally pathogenic, for example some types of kolibakteriya.

The kitchen

First of all it is necessary to choose a safe and convenient place for bathing.On sale there are many special basins for children, but it is possible to use simply a kitchen sink to the child will be on what to look.The kitchen sink is convenient, because has the necessary height.If you decide to use a sink, buy plastic capacity or a basin which would be located in a sink.It is possible to put on a bottom the towel combined several times or porolonoa vy rug.There are still inflatable children's basins.If at you perekidny a water tap, be convinced that the tube of the crane is turned aside from the child.

You. whether. Really

Put near the child

number of your phone How to cause vomiting in the child If to you advised to cause in the child vomitin do the following Give tablespoon teaspoons ipecacuanha syrup emetic root, having dissolved it in ml of water or not aerated fruit juice.Put near the child a big basin or deduce it in a bathroom.For stimulation of action of an emetic root some minutes shake those the child on a lap.If through mines vomiting does not begin, repeat a syrup dose.When at the child vomiting begins, put his face down, having lowered the head over a basin that then the doctor could check, whether there is a poison in emetic masses.

Now it can bear

More often children start to turn over with a stomach on a back, and already then from a back on a stomach.Occurs so because they understand earlier how to use as hand levers, besides on a roundish tummy it is easier to be shaken.Costs better.Before the child could stand, if you supported it under mice.Now it can bear the weight independently for balance preservation it holds you outstretched arms.What toys to choose for the month's kid the toys publishing different sounds peeping toys of a various form and the invoice by means of which the child can train hands, for example, some short slices of a yarn connected together on the center cubes a favourite toy at any age toys which can be taken and shifted from a hand in a hand, napriring measures How to play with the month's kid These games will be interesting to your kid and will help with his further development.

To carry

The attached bed, on page Assistant.Employ house servants at least for the first months.For parents of twins it not luxury, and need.If friends ask that it is necessary for you and than they can be useful, ask them to help you on the house, to buy products.To carry two.Children whom carry, cry less.Skilled parents know that this reception calms children.It is necessary to carry both twins.If one of them starts to shout, it will disturb another, and double cries strongly beat on nerves.

And the last

If time of a dream of the kid and your dinner or a dinner does not coincide, it is possible to use some checked receptions.Take with itself products loved by the child.For the kid, already able SI to put on a stool, take soft silent toys and plastic ware.Choose such restaurants where to children would be always glad.Do not visit restaurants in which there are no high armchairs for children.And the last arrange the child so that it was not the focus of attention and did not become a subject of entertainment of adults.Change of habits Do not feed the child with long same product.

If you call

As it is called Kids realize this age that each thing and each person have own name and a name more and more.When you walk round the house or go by the car, give all names.If you call everything by what pass, it, among other things, will help to hold the kid in rather quiet condition.Words are built in memory.It is easier to remember those subjects which have names therefore they are quicker postponed in extending storages of memory of the child.Do random inspections to find out, whether the child of the name of house subjects remembers.

Zrazas to moisten

When it will cool down, to add crude eg to mix and form round flat cakes.On everyone to put a cottage cheese stuffin to connect edges.Zrazas to moisten in eg to roll in in crackers and to fry.Rice milk water egg piece, cottage cheese.sugar butter g.MACARONI WITH GRATED The crushed macaroni to lower in the boiling added some salt water and to weld to semireadiness, .Eggs to shake up with milk, to add cheese, to fill in with this mix macaroni, to mix.

Try to learn

To it it to make independently it is very difficult, your help is necessary.How to helpThe child do not accept in the general games or do not wish to become with it in pair Means, it is time to take measures!Call the child on a straight talk.Try to learn a situation in a class and to understand, why there was a problem.Do not promise to punish offenders.It will cause in the child desire to hide from you the truth because of fear to sweep.Talk to the teacher.It is better to do it for lack of children.

When from all parts

And this relative everything I see a majority source a game of fliktny situations for the child.Everything can be similar a sunok close I hear on which the author is absorbed from fermentation of the ears exceeding the sizes of ears of the Cheburashka.When from all parts the child allocates only a mouth, most likely, the owner of a mouth as a press, presses a na.khudozhnik, tyvy his infinite notations, morals within own morals, and cultivates in it fear.When you see that in drawing the artist most of all joint stock company the attention on the head and thoroughly draws all parts of the person, preferring the person to all to the rest, that, eyes are most visible, the child shows once again you as for not the next sort a stvennik is considerable represented by it such way.


Especially obviously similar arrests of development are shown at children who are bringing up from early age in orphanages, roundtheclock groups of kindergarten etc.It would seem, for the child all conditions, but a lack of communication and, moreover, absence of highquality communication with adults are created development of many functions of the child, respectively, and independence brakes.Sometimes such syndrome of helplessness develops even at children who are bringing up in safe at first sight families where parents are keen on modern theories, such as a syroyedeniye, a hardenin baby yogi etc.If these theories do not read off scale in consciousness of parents, being combined with other methods of education, harm from them will not be.

At first leave

If the first impression favorable, devote the nurse in a subtlety of your care of the child just as you devote someone in specifics of your work.Whether it is better not to begin at once with sentry of the working day and the sentry nede.At first leave the child on nurse care on short intervals, between feedings, and gradually increase them.Start to work on Wednesday or on Thursday to facilitate separation short working week.DAY NURSERY Though the yaselny group for the smallest is not recommended, for many working parents it is the only thing to do.Here ways to take all best of such situation.

Rice milk. ml, water


Development of diligence is promoted by that fact that first educational activity presents great difficulties which should be overcome for the child accustoming to new living conditions to a day regimen, duties, requirements, the problems connected with educational process difficulties in training to readin the account and the letter, and new cares which appear at the child of the house because it went to school earlier, having come from a kindergarten, it was possible to play carefree, now it is necessary to do homework.At this moment very important that parents did not pull, did not urge on the child, were not irritated.

To cope

If you cannot allocate time for milk pumping out when you work, do it during a lunch break.The milk pump with two systems for simultaneous pumping of milk from two breasts twice will reduce demanded time.In the beginning milk at you can begin to flow, when you will simply think about reben or during usual time of feeding.To cope with this trick of your hormones, easy combine hands on a breast, putting pressure upon nipples within minutes.In the first week after you will pass to feeding by a breast incomplete day, you will periodically feel, how the breast is filled at usual o'clock of feeding is will remind you of need to pump out milk.


OMELETTE WITH THE NETTLEFor four portions of an omelette take eggs, g of fresh leaves of a nettle and glass of milk.Greens small cut, fill in with an egg and dairy mix and bake, having greased a frying pan vegetative or butter.Salt to taste.DIETARY CUTLETS FROM THE NETTLE WITH COTTAGE CHEESEThe selected fresh leaves of a nettle fill in for minutes with boiled water, crush and mix with cottage cheese.The prepared cutlets m semolina to moisten in the shakenup egg mix.to bake and a tax with honey or jam.On tablespoons of the crushed nettle take tablespoons of cottage cheese, tablespoons of semolina and eggs.

Zora never

They were on intensive therapy, and a question of that.they will survive or not.stood very sharply.Zora could not feed them .It was the strong St the EC.I remember, how I sat there.cried, tried to squeeze out of itself somethin on it turned out nothing , she remembered.The St] shook her selfconfidence as three years later she still doubted mother, N that can normally feed the daughters.Twins too quickly started to be nervous and reacted to a stressful condition of mother.Zora never noticed this interrelation earlier.I never thought that the reason of my experiences because of their small appetite is that I could not feed them.

And the girl

She is afraid also for the father.Is anxious, if he even sneezes.Often nightmares at night seem to it.Only interrupted dream relieves of them.And the girl goes suppressed, sad, ready to burst into tears its Majesty the Child!.during every moment.Try tell it that to mother it is unimportant it panics, sobbing at all, catching at a skirt of annoyed mother.The th mother, becoming angry, now began to speak purposely at it about the sick heart.

Do not worry! These

Allocation from eyes in the first months almost always are caused by obstruction of plaintive tubules; at children be more senior than this age the reason of vydeleniye can conjunctivitis and that happens more often, the infected ears or a nose see page Red proveins After the birth you can soon notice red proveins in whites of the eyes.Do not worry! These are socalled hemorrhages under a conjunctiva, caused burst at the time of delivery blood .They are not dangerous to eyes and disappear within several weeks.MOUTH OF THE CHILD You glanced in a mouth of the child and saw a white raid on internal old not lips and cheeks, in language and the sky.

These teenagers

Often these personal characteristics of the teenager conflict to group requirements.Teenagers, Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONbegun sexual life, highly appreciate the independence, the opinion of friends for them means more than opinion of a family.These teenagers start to be on drugs more often and alcohol, are more inclined to antisocial actions, is more often than others get to scrapes.Quite often teenagers use sex as the proof of the independence, a maturity, abilities independently to make decisions.Thus they try to get rid of guardianship of parents.Thus they yet in a condition to resolve all contradictions which arise at sexual communication, suffer from a lack of information and its distortion.

Report about

Such reactions, as puffiness of eyelids or joints, hyperactivity when the child becomes excessively raised are possible also.Tell to the doctor about any reaction of the kid to a preparation.To use received information further, conduct zapiSI about all collateral reactions and preparations which your child does not transfer.Report about such drugs to doctors who write out the recipe, without having near at hand a medical record of the child.If your kid has any chronic disease, and at medicine is constant, remind the doctor, it uses what preparations now.Find out, whether it is possible to combine them with writtenout medicine.

Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cook

In 'N diet.! white crackers, soups on not the stron fatfree broth in them it is possible to add the boiled wiped meat, quenelles with addition of mucous broths of semolina and rice grain, steam or boiled dishes from meat and fish a quenelle, a cutlet, a souffle enter.In i forcemeat instead of white loaf add i rice which together with meat is passed through a meat grinder by times.Porridges rice, buckwheat, oat cook on water or the weak, fatfree meat broth and carefully wipe.Porridges from other grain and a dish from pasta do not enter into a diet of this diet.From eggs it is possible to prepare albuminous steam omelettes or to add them in dishes.


Thus, the approximate circle of the head at F in years averages cm, in only cm; and in years already , see.THORAX CIRCLE.Standards the chest [cages are reflected by a formula cm , , where a cart [ your child, and cm an average circle of a breast'at the child in years.Proceeding from this formula, the breast circle at threeyears' it the child approximately equals , cm, at a couple the rekhletny already cm, in five years it makes , cm, in six years see.Children from years to have a growth of extremities, than trunks much quicker.Approximately by years usually the length of a body of the kid approximately in times or is slightly more, length of hands almost in , times, and length of feet in three and more times.

Zoe began to pay to Sam quieter

Zoe Maynard also not .that sixyear Sam offended the threeyear brother Aron, but she found out that shouts and Sam's fights often were reflection own behavior.Zoe began to pay to Sam quieter and positive attention and when the herd is similar to that it begins fight with Aron because that interfered, she tried to divide boys, distracting them various occupations.She also understood that Sam needed own space that it could relax, and helped to separate a part of a room in which he lived with Aron.Remember Do not cause rivalry between the children, let's to them rumple that they can draw your attention, having begun fight.

After all curious

Now, when the child learned to stop and select something from sweat, follow it as a shadow in all its adventures.After all curious dustman will select everythin including and stubs.Do not deprive of the kid of pleasure to clamber up, however try to provide a safe place for such exercises Passion to ascensions.Now in the house there are neither chairs, nor tables, sofas which the beginning climber could not subdue.Treat with understanding to this desire of the kid to clamber and provide to it safety at such ascensions.


But it does not mean that it is necessary to lower hands and to be given.Directing to all efforts to that business became successful, it is not obligatory to discuss all problems with others, accustom the child everything independently.It is impossible to allow, that one failure broke it.If any business was not possible, it does not mean that the child was not successful as the personality.Everything that is required, is that the number of successes on unit exceeded number of failures.Inform to consciousness of the child that the most unreliable way to avoid mistakes to do, not to run risks nothin never to suffer failures is will teach to nothing.

On some children

The further a figure are located from each other, the more their emotional dissociation, as a rule, zhayushchy a conflict situation in a family.On some children emphasize dissociation felt by them near ky with inclusion in free space between members of the family of any strangers who were even more diconnected Day of subjects.To reduce dissociation, the child hundred fills intervals, in his opinion, things uniting close relatives and subjects or draws Dee members of the family unfamiliar to it persons.Diagnostics of a family At emotional proximity all relatives in a family on almost closely to each other and practically not .The child is closer represents itself in relation to any member of the family, the above his degree is adhered to this relative.

So, analyzing

Distress signal and trouble for your child can serve and planimetric drawing of certain members by it Bad habits of good children.families or families of all as a whole even then when the nik represents contours various flowers, instead of a simple pencil.So, analyzing features of interpretation of drawing My family, you as if anew recognized the child and understood that your child ¦ the personality, let still small, innocent, but the personality looking at the world by own clean eyes, having the special point of view on life.And this point of view to you should be known.Otherwise suddenly it will appear that you and your child see everything differently and different eyes and speak often in different languages.

And only

Yes, I do not feel inflow, she answered.I did not understand, about what she speaks, having assumed that she means a depression, and started to advise it concerning a postnatal depression.And only later, having talked about this case to the wife, I understood that my patient spoke about a breast, instead of about an emotional condition.During this moment I realized that after long years of study and practice I know nothing about how chest glands develop milk as was considered that it does not concern a science.Later, when I started to train young doctors, I decided that such inexcusable omission in knowledge of so magnificent function of a human body should not remain destiny of young generation of doctors.

In reality

It becomes to let Katee know that it was not suddenly left one as she got used to see Tim at night.In reality Tim had not to do it as Katee slept all night long from first day of introduction of a new order of preparation for a dream.Her parents were surprised and excited.Sam told We did not get enough sleep some years, when children were at home.EmilyThreeyear Emily got used to fill up a pas a sofa with a small bottle of milk and the sitting next father.These factors associated at it with a dream.It was necessary for it to be disaccustomed to it, and in exchange to learn to fill up with one in the bed.Her parents, Jenn and Barry, considered that it will be too cruel to put simply it in a bed and to leave one as it was unusual to it and could lead to that it will wake the brother and the sister with whom it divided a room.

It is umbilical

Sometimes between muscles there is a hollow space and when the child cries or strains, the navel is pushed out.The part of intestines fills hollow space, and you feel a soft vypyachivaniye round a navel.It is umbilical hernia.On size it can be about a ball for golf or about a fingertip.In process of development of muscles the space under and round a navel grows, and hernia disappears.Umbilical hernias meet almost at all black children.They are not painful and are not dangerous.


Suddenly they understood that often resorted to these or those models of behavior, without realizing it.For many of them viewing of the cartridge, which pas they saw themselves from outside, became the truth moment when they suddenly understood how their own behavior influenced behavior of their children.Striking examples of it are the moments when Rayan Christie realized as strongly he shouted at the son Matthew, and Wicky Wells understood that her continuous grumble actually led to that her son Oliver behaved even worse.We want, that you presented that us watch chambers.

When the kid books

One more important point sort when cleaning toy by their types.When the kid books to books accustom to stack accurately, dolls to dolls, machines to machines, thus the place for each thin its specific accessory automatically is defined.The child remembers this order and aspires to follow it.If cleaning of toys irritates you, as your child will treat this occupation also.You speak mandative tone he protests.If you talk quietly and benevolently, the child will quietly carry out a task.

We will tell

See also section Spasms, page Days when at your kid the temperature will be increased, it will be gathered, while it grows, much, but all of them will pass, as well as the period of infancy, for, as we know, the morning sun never lasts a day.COLD At the majority of children for the first years of life fuss cold times.We will tell that it causes how to prevent and distinguish cold, how to cure the child.What is cold What it for the mysterious microbe forcing children to lose a dream, parents to pass work, and doctors to receive phone callsCold, on medical terminology an acute respiratory disease ORZ, cause both viruses, and bacteria.

Look, whether

Get acquainted with sanitary conditions whether tutors of a hand after change of diapers wash, whether process toys.Make sure that prepare a food for children and swaddle them in different places.Look, whether small bottles, pacifiers of the general using are applied.Take an interest, whether all per is familiar with safety measures, and ask to show certificates.Ask, whether there are at them plans of action on a disaster case, for example on a heat Come into a day nursery when parents bring or take away de ty.Ask them.At last, answer to itself there it was pleasant to you Also do not think that the questions you too disturb workers of a day nursery and demand the too many.

Rise behind

also repeat pressing.If the child in consciousness.Rise behind the choked child and press to itself, having clasped it for a waist.Compress one hand in a fist and put it on a stomach of the child so that the thumb was a little higher than a navel, but below the thorax end.Cover a fist with other hand and sharply press a stomach of the child in the direction inside and up, if necessary repeat pressing of times.Be careful your fist should not touch a thorax or edges of the child.

Once ask quietly

If you shout, they will develop immunity to your anger.If your voice will not have enough authoritativeness, they will not perceive you seriously.To induce children to do that.about what them ask, it is necessary to ask quietly once them, and one more time to ask strictly.Once ask quietly Speak quiet and friendly, but authoritative tone.Be convinced that hear you and that you look in the face to the child.% Tell with the child also as you would like that talked to you if you about something asked.Small angelsIf your child does about what it asked, react positively, surely praise and thank him.

The mass

By years the mass of a stomach would increase in time.the ziologichesky capacity it at the threeyear child zitelno makes mm, the sixyear has more.The epiteliya of a mucous membrane of a stomach at children usually varies time of cell renewal from to hours.It is considered that the sixyear child has already about million gastric glands.Bodies of a mocheobrazovaniye and mocheotdeleniye.By five years the structure of a kidney of the child reminds itself a system of scientific research institute of a kidney of the adult.The mass of a kidney increases in times.The length of the urethral channel reaches at boys of cm, at girls see.

They usually

Pigmentary birthmarks.These brownishblack specks can strongly vary in the sizes and on appearance.They usually do not increase in the sizes and with growth of the child seem rather less.They do not represent danger and treatments do not demand.It is necessary to delete very bi poorly painted birthmarks covered with hairs, because they can regenerate in malignant tumors.Mongolian spots.Any year does not pass without that I not on was called by somebody indignant, accusing parents in the bad treatment of the child because on buttocks of the kid there were blackdark blue spots.

That disturbs

Quite often the lie to you knows that is locked in soul a benka.That disturbs him, torments that causes strong fear.And in these cases to the child lie as balm.The child often lies, when is sure that you are capable to turn fly into elephant.And that was not such meta , it shades the innocent small offense by fleeting lie.But the lie hides also often and serious acts.Means the child avoids punishment which as itself considers, deserved.And if it figuratively told lies to you, having tickled the lie nerves, there is no guarantee that you for truth do not praise it and will be, as before, to trust.

After such

Ma starts to cry.Mother as it nearby also is adjusted on perception of the child, a beret and starts to feed him.The baby ceases to cry.When the child again wakes up, starts to coil, does a grimace and then cries, mother reacts in the same way.Next time mother notices the signals previous crying.When the child wakes up, starts to coil and the person bends, it takes it on hands and feeds before he will begin to cry.She learned to read submitted it the child signals and as appropriate to respond to them.After such dialogue repeats between mother and the child many times, they start to work as uniform team.The child learns to submit more accurate signals, mother quickly to respond on them.

When it is hungry, suffers

But after all and peacekeepers can be tired.It is necessary for your child to understand that there are also other possibilities to calm down, except feeding by a breast.First of all, let's glance in consciousness of your child to understand, why it does it.For the first months he would get used to the following scheme for unpleasant the pleasant always follows.When it is hungry, suffers from thirst, loneliness, the alarm, being cut teeth, it was rescued always by a parent breast.If he wakes up, you start it to feed at once.And can be, it is necessary to give to it a little time to calm down most, without the aid of a breast First of all, strengthen its feeding in the afternoon.

Being once

Tu not standard nost.being once even the reason of his pride.And still, despite it.Your kid is ready to make a compromise and it to leave only to please you, having sharply changed occurring opinion on it, though it to some extent for it loss itself, loss of own gains and victories.And nevertheless the kid goes on this sacrifice to you, as if to a deity.Not because that he so plays the hypocrite, and because that during these difficult moments and really you considers by a deity.And these difficult moments come always, when the kid .And having ached, the child already the captive of own emotions.

And still, despite

Now the child can ask about somethin sitting at a table juice, milk etc., and also to go to the storeroom or to the refrigerator in search of any food it should be a clear sign of that the child is hungry.And still, despite all abovementioned, be not exposed iskushea niya to think This small the upstart simply orders me.When rethe benok speaks Come here, Give waters, all this has the slightest relation to the one who here no main.Simply it is a usual manner of communication for children of this age.Besides, children try, what reaction in adults is caused by these or those words or phrases.


There are no such two kids who would look equally, would eat equally, slept equally.Children wake up owing to the character, instead of because of your parental incapacity.WHETHER TO SLEEP WITH THE CHILD YES IS NOT PRESENT Whether it is possible to put the child with itself in a bed It is necessary! We consider that there its natural place, and we are surprised, why many books about children reject this tradition checked by eyelids.It is so possible to deny motherhood also.As dare false to challenge these experts on children's soul that is proved by life and that the interested parties mother with the child confirm! The first three our children slept in a cradle.

Remembers, where

Niya in general can at Understands that subjects knows a form of subjects; tya on one.More long for in and from begins the postViy go.looks people and subjects with their book Find a kitty.Vstavlyakanny piece of paper.The food lucheniya learns to argue.PovedeEstablishes assotsia to itself attention have the names is been not present to a subject, in advance with toys and that smaller on a door.Remembers, where names and names roundish pegs in holes.Chocolate cream should be on scientific research institute generally reflektsiya for we cry pussycat follows people around with the help putting a hand so, tries to understand that with it is possible to put in pain there is a toy if it Arise mental the expert worries Less, if there is a jelly top.

He worries

Let's assume, at the child the average level of requirements.That he felt comfortably, it is necessary to satisfy them.He worries a little, and it rock to sleep and calm exactly so much that its excitement settled.It is possible to call such child by lung.And here other kid for whom it is necessary that it held on hands more as soon as it lower, he starts to shout.Such child demands special attention and it call loud.But over time, traveling on life in a car of the first class often feed, hold on hands much, pay attention and day and night, it starts to worry ever less.

To receive

The patrimonial certificate to it in the private medical center will not issue.To receive the patrimonial certificate, it is necessary for it to address in female consultation in a residence, having on hands an extract from the card of supervision over the pregnant woman which conducted in the medical center.Thus the coupon of patrimonial certificate will be extinguished by a stamp Is not subject to payment as female consultation did not observe this woman and, respectively, to receive money for not rendered medical services cannot.


Thus, children of the first months are initially adapted to suck, instead of to chew.Neither the digestive path of the child, nor his back pass, an internal are not intended for assimilation and digestion of firm food.Insufficiently developed intestines of the child of months cannot cope with various food as at this age many digestive enzymes are not developed yet.Children's allergists especially warn against early introduction of firm food if at someone from members of the family is or there was a food allergy.

If the child

For toxicosis removal first of all it is necessary for sick child to compensate loss of liquid which resulted from vomiting and a frequent liquid chair.The water and tea diet is for this purpose appointed to longer term from to hours.Such starvation is necessary for ensuring the most complete mechanical and chemical treatment of a mucous membrane of a gastroenteric path.Drink should room temperature.Give it in the small portions, but it is frequent.If the child has a vomitin LIQUID give on teaspoons each minutes.Total of liquid count proceeding from weight of a body of the child for children till year it is necessary to give on ml on each kg of weight of a body, for more senior children on ml on kg.

Begin house

If it is possible, choose such occupation which would allow you to give to the parent duties as much as possible time.Begin house business.Find for work establishment nearby from your house that the International Federation of Journalists but was to visit during the day the child or that the nurse brought it to you.Work on flexible hours at which there is a certain volume of work, but it is possible to choose time to stay with the kid.If you send the child to a day nursery, choose that are closer to a place of your work more often to communicate with it.Carry the child on work.Whether there will be at you such possibility, depends both on the child, and from kind of work.

For example, in some

Reception parents both mothers, and fathers can endure a depression.It is possible, as with the advent of the kid they should undergo so many changes in habitual life that they can be tired first and .Look for supports at other reception parents and study on their experience.For example, in some foster homes there is a tradition twice to celebrate birthday of the child at first when it was born, and then day when it was accepted in a family.When and how to tell about it to the child.

Remember that

Remember that if you do not want, that the similar behavior repeated, it is necessary whenever possible it.Small angelsTo put to bed earlierIf you are going to use one of approaches which we described, to children, got used to be put to bed very late, do not start them to stack at once in in , differently come to grief.That is better to begin near time to which they got used, and then to reduce it by minutes every evening while they will not pass to the correct time you can define this time, using the table of necessary quantity of a dream see p.and having counted back from that time to which your child got used.

Situation for parents

Not to pay attention to loneliness of the child and his early growing.To be proud of that he is capable to teach adults.To bring up continuous cautions and niya.Situation for parents of a flare together with mother walked in park.It went on the bicycle, representing an engine.Alyosha's game very much was pleasant to two unfamiliar boys it wanted to them to play too with it.Alyosha was delighted to it, tears from a bicycle, but for some reason mother suddenly reminded it that it is necessary to go urgently to eat, and withdrew the resisting Alyosha literally by a hand home, inspiring to it under way that he only should be on friendly terms with it, and from children continuous troubles.

And nevertheless

In a condition of children suffering from being cut teeth, as a rule, there is no deterioration.And nevertheless all parents need to remember if you doubt, surely address to the doctor.When to start to brush teeth to the child Today recommend to start to clean gums to remove a raid, by means of a gauze at once as there is the first tooth, so, between the th and th months.There are some tactical receptions for toothbrushing at the kid.It is interesting.Let's to the child consider your toothbrush and show that with it do, intentionally emphasizing The same as mother and the father Approximately in a year present to the kid his first toothbrush and try, that training gave it pleasure and reminded game If he falls in love with toothbrushing imitation, then to you it will be simpler to teach than it to be engaged in seriously this important issue.


To accept in the first half of day.NOTE F FOR GIVE RISE TELEY Children born with mass of a body more than k as , in i l to obesity and diabetes development.EN PEAI I PITAS ANIYa KA Mostit is dangerous to overfeed children aged about one year.Babies whom overfeed within the first three months of life a gain of weight of a body of the child in months exceeds k further have obesity.Constant mechanical stretching of a stomach bi than it is required in norm, in volume of food causes education and fixing a reflex of the increased appetite which is an one of m factors in development and obesity progressing.At the same time at a perekarmlivaniye at babies increases both volume of fatty cages, and their quantity.

The phenomenon

Usually gases arise in the second half of day at the same time, at once after food or .CENTRAL ELECTION COMMISSION IYA I half an hour later.The child hysterically cries and rolls out legs, the tummy at it is blown up.From time to time at the child gases depart.The phenomenon of an intensive gazoobrazovaniye meteorizm happens at the small children being both on artificial and mixed, and on chest feeding.For the prevention of a meteorizm try to reduce, first, fat content of chest milk at the expense of reduction of quantity of fat products in a diet of mother, inclusion in a food of kefir, juice.

The most known

Fight also begins.When antigenes and antibodies meet in a duel, it is reflected in functions of certain bodies, as a rule, respiratory ways, intestines, skin.The reactions similar to small explosions, liberate chemicals which cause allergy manifestations.The most known substance a histamine from here and the name of antiallergenic drugs antihistamines.And violation of fabrics of an organism at these explosions leads to defeat of blood vessels there is a rash, cold, eyelids and eyes swell up a little.


Main thing; that both of them should pass the same steps of development.Compare the child only to him but with what it was a month ago.To move from one step of development on another, different children need different time.Sometimes it seems that some do a stop, a respite in development, and then very quickly make up for the missed.They can jump in general through any moment.Do not glance with jealousy at neighbors whose child will learn to go earlier.The victory in races on marks of development is not confirmation neither special abilities of the child, nor outstanding successes of his parents.

For flat nipples

Slips in the following circumstances are used During the antenatal period for the flat or pulledin nipples carrying nakladock the last months of pregnancy promotes a vypyachivaniye of nipples forward.During the postnatal period for the flat or pulledin nipples slips should be carried between feedings to improve a shape of nipples.For flat nipples the slips which are put on for an hourhalf an hour to kormlea niya, promote a vypyachivaniye of nipples at the subsequent feeding.If milk flows slips will help you to avoid milk spots on clothes if milk at you still flows when it can create special inconveniences for example, on wedding at the sister.

I make a start

Your month's inventor who thought up such balanced way of movement is how reasonable! The creeping thinker Only imagine to itself, what powerful impulse for intellectual development is received by the child, learned to creep! It experiments various styles and stops on the most perfect.The kid learns to solve problems and comprehends the cause and effect relations.I make a start a foot here so and I move quicker than when I make a start in a different way.At the same time he studies selfencouragement.After all than more it moves and reaches in such a way interesting toys, subjects it is more at it than the bases to improve this possibility.


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